why live when you can thrive
Group Wellness

Thrive Naturally in 2016

A year-long, member only wellness program
Develop healthy habits
Improve energy, digestion & mood
Benefit from successful weight loss strategies
Learn how to choose delicious, healthy food

How Thriving works

· Long-lasting lifestyle changes begin with simple, attainable goals

· Develop a personalized wellness plan

· In-depth support to discover your healthiest self

This program is for you if…

You are committed to creating health & wellness goals
You are passionate about achieving your goals
You need support & accountability to fuel your success
You are motivated to find natural solutions to your wellness challenges
You wish to meet like-minded people on a similar journey

Your Wellness Program Outline

January Set-Up-for-Success-Session 

· 60 minute one-on-one conducted in person or via phone

· Create your personal health & wellness goals for 2016

February through December Monthly Accountability Sessions

· Monthly 15-minute one-on-ones scheduled conveniently by phone to keep you on track no matter what obstacles you might face throughout the year

· Private Facebook page enables members to ask questions & receive support between sessions

Monthly Wellness Workshop

· Live 60-minute group workshops/field trips at various Long Island locations

· Explore core themes on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, goal setting & inspiration

· Action sheets, recipes & list handouts

· Virtual workshops & pdfs available to remote members

Weekly Email Newsletter

· Simple, quick, weekly tips based on the monthly theme

· Content will include recipes, inspirational quotes, timely news articles & resources

Member perks

· Thrive Wellness Kit to keep you organized & thriving from day 1

· Free passes to workshops for friends & family

· Guest speakers, access to holistic practitioners + discounts on wellness booty!

Find out more & hold your spot

· Available to 10 people highly motivated people who are ready to thrive

· Call MaryAnn Jones at 516.521.0098 with questions & RSVP

· Or if you prefer email, maryann@thrivenaturally.com

Wellness Workshop Preview


Jump Start Weight Loss & Create a Thriving Lifestyle

Most resolutions are short lived but incorporating small changes over time is what really enables you to reach your health & weight loss goals

·         Organization & planning tips

·         Chicken “zoodle” soup recipe


Habits for a Healthy Heart

Learn health coach secrets that can improve cholesterol & high blood pressure & (bonus) keep you craving free

·         Heart healthy fitness & stress management tips

·         Chocolate recipes


Nutrition 101

Get back to basics during National Nutrition month. Knowing basic information about protein, carbs & fats brings awareness to your choices

·         Label detective tips

·         Make your own protein bars recipe
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